Which Belly Band For Your Pregnant Belly?

August 20, 2019

You may have heard about maternity belly bands for pregnant women and most people know about some of the kinds of belly bands. But few people know about all of the maternity belly bands available for pregnant women. This article will briefly describe each of the different types of maternity bands and offer a resource for more information about each.
Belly bands come in three general designs. Two types are meant for use during pregnancy and the third is used after pregnancy.
A belly belt is used to support the weight of the growing belly during pregnancy. A belly belt is designed to transfer the weight of the belly from the hips to the spine, which can better support the weight of the belly. Women who have hip or back pain during pregnancy often find that a belly belt can ease the pain and make the pregnancy more bearable.
A maternity band allows a woman to postpone or even avoid buying maternity clothes. It is usually a piece of stretchy, elastic material which is used to cover the growing belly. A maternity band offers no support and should not compress the belly. A maternity band simply allows a woman to wear her normal pants or blue jeans and leave them opened. The band covers the fact that the pants are opened.
A postpartum girdle is worn for approximately one month after pregnancy. A postpartum girdle is thought to help during the healing process. Many women who have used a postpartum girdle have reported that within a month after pregnancy that their abdomens are nearly back to the size it was before they were pregnant.

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