When Will a Pregnant Belly Start to Show?

August 20, 2019

In case it is your first pregnancy then you will have all sorts of questions and one such question will be as to when your tummy will be shown to the world.
Waistline changes can be noticed during the early stages of pregnancy and this could be even before any one notice that you are pregnant. It will appear that the showing has started happening much sooner than it is supposed to. People will just think that a few pounds have been gained but the stomach may look a little bigger. This does not happen in the case of all women but most women start to show in the second trimester.
Some women start showing very early during their pregnancies. In case this is not your first pregnancy then the abdominal muscles and the uterus may be more relaxed. The pregnant belly may just pop out immediately. The uterus attains the size of a tennis ball or the size of a lemon at eight weeks. Your clothes might feel the difference. A bloated feeling is noticed during early pregnancy that of which is sometimes seen right before you start your periods. A feeling of constipation, bloat and weight gain can make one feel like it is showing sooner.
Maternity clothes will be required somewhere close to the second trimester. However in some cases women wear them even when they close ten weeks of pregnancy. It does not mean anything if it starts showing early. In some cases it is possible that there could be twins but it also could be because of early pregnancy bloating or in certain cases weak muscles in the abdomen. An ultrasound can be done to see the possibility.
Even if it is not showing it does not mean anything. Some women start in their early third trimester. In case of overweight at the beginning of the pregnancy then not much weight is gained during pregnancy and may not show until later parts of pregnancies.
Pregnancy signs are something to be happy about and sharing them will remain until the last contraction of the belly. The belly keeps on growing till the last moment. Some situations can make people feel shy or embarrassed like going to a gathering and getting all the pampering.
The pregnant belly leaves stretch marks which are very common but in some women it is very visible when compared to other cases. These stretch marks can be reduced by the use of a variety of beauty treatments that is available in the market.

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