Treatments For Each Menopause Symptom

March 21, 2019

Menopause is a period in every woman?s life when their bodies suffer some changes. Around the age of 50 most of the women enter menopause. It?s a normal thing in a woman?s life especially at that age.

Symptoms are different for each woman and that?s why, in some cases, a special treatment is required. The symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, problems with memory, problems with resting, or face hair growth.

Refusing hormone therapy some women try plant-based products to get rid of hot flashes. The most used is soy. Containing phytoestrogens, soy is not a certain treatment for hot flashes, and its? reverse effects are not known. Along with soy, other herbs like wild yam or valerian root are used for relieving hot flashes.

These kinds of products can be rather unsafe because, even if they are made out of plants, combined with other medicine can lead to complicated side-effects. We can say about the same thing when it comes to bioidentical hormone therapy.

Exercising can be a solution for menopause with no side-effects and with benefic results for body weight and form.

For each symptom of menopause doctors give indications to women, and if these indications are strictly followed the problems will be reduced. Referring to hot flashes doctors noticed that spicy drinks or foods, alcohol or caffeine may cause these kinds of reactions and recommended less of each type. Dressing in layers and proper ventilation can relieve hot flashes. Exercises can also be helpful but sometimes they can take to hot flashes. If with these restrictions respected the hot flashes continue, doctors should consider prescribing antidepressant or epilepsy medicine that in some cases gave results.

Another problem in menopause is vaginal dryness. Lubricants can be helpful in these cases. An advanced vaginal dryness needs hormone therapy and if this is the only problem vaginal estrogen is the solution.

Physical exercises during the day may cause sleeping problems to disappear. Healthy meals and less caffeine and alcohol can also help. If the sleeping problems persist women in this situation should try skipping naps during the day and should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same hours every day. If hot flushes cause these women?s insomnia a proper treatment should improve their sleep.

Mood swings, an easier form of depression, is a problem for a part of the women that reached menopause. A good sleep and a normal physical activity should remount these persons, and should have benefic effects over their memory problems, too.

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