The Significant Changes in Baby And 13 Weeks Pregnant Mother

May 21, 2019

13 weeks pregnant mothers carry a baby of around 1.5 ounces and about 3.5 inches in height. There are a number of changes that the baby undergoes during this period and these changes include the following:
1. The rate of growth of the baby is very fast. In the next six weeks, the size of the baby would be doubled.2. The head of the baby at this point of time is larger than the whole of the rest of body. The facial features of the baby become more pronounced from this time. The eyes and ears take up their final positions and the eyebrows also show growth signs.3. The chest of the baby grows during this period and the chin also begins to rise up to the face.4. The yolk sac that was the source of nourishment to the baby during the first trimester goes away and from now onwards, the baby derives all the nourishment from the placenta.
The noteworthy changes to be expected by a 13 weeks pregnant mother are the following:
Some of the initial pregnancy symptoms that were recorded during the first trimester begin to disappear like morning sickness and tiredness. From this period onwards, the energy levels of the mother continue to rise and she feels travelling and walking.??? Some of the common problems during this period include gastric problems, heartburns, backaches and water retention.??? Back pains and swelling in the feet and leg might also arise during this period.??? Because of the increased hormonal levels of progesterone, the digestive processes slow down a bit and cause gas. Bloating and flatulence are also common.
During this period, the women are suggested to wear low heel shoes and slippers. They should not lift heavy objects and should not hang their feet for long. They should not bend on waist and use knees to pick something up from the ground. Pregnancy pillow should be used. Chairs with soft back support should be used.
By the time, the mother is 15 weeks pregnant, the baby grows 4 inches in height and weighs abut 2 and half ounces.
The important changes that occur in the baby during 15 weeks pregnant period are the following:
1. The spinal cord of the baby that began developing at the middle of the first trimester is fully developed at this time. Folic acid is an important thing for the development of baby and should be take in right quantities.2. The bones begin to harden up for the first time during this period and the process of ossification begins which continues till the end of pregnancy.3. The hands, arms, fingers and finger prints are now distinctly visible and it would not be a surprise if the child punches.4. The skin is transparent and the air sacs begin to get stronger.

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