The Different Ways of Feeding Breastmilk to Your Baby

March 16, 2019

Breastmilk is one of the best things you can give your baby. It is perfectly designed for his body and provides well-balanced nourishment and gives your child a variety of health benefits. While we all wish we could provide this to our babies straight from the tap, so to speak, it is not always possible. There are times when we may need to be away from our child or they need a little assistance due to nursing problems.
Thankfully, there are products designed to help us through these times. These products are specially designed to prevent nipple confusion that comes with bottle-feeding. Some also give us assistance in continuing the breastfeeding relationship while dealing with problems such as supply issues, sucking problems or physical deformities which may interfere with nursing.
Cup feeders are small plastic cups to serve breastmilk to the child. They have a special design to make it easy for the baby to drink. They are designed to prevent spillage of your expressed breastmilk, or liquid gold as some mothers call it. They come with graduated markings so you can get an accurate representation of the amount your child has consumed.
SoftCup advanced cup feeders are a cross between a cup and a bottle. It is designed to be used when the baby has sucking difficulties. The tip is soft and small so it can fit even the tiniest mouth. The control valve and self-filling reservoir allows the caregiver to easily adapt the flow to your child’s needs.
For babies with cleft lip or palate, conditions which affect ability to suck or those with colic, the special feeder is a good choice. The valve releases air before it fills with milk, reducing the amount of air taken in, a common culprit of upset tummies. Less suction is needed to release the milk, reducing the amount of work your child has to do. The valve helps control the release of milk, helping to prevent your baby from getting flooded.
If you are having supply issues, a supplemental nursing system will allow you to continue breastfeeding while still providing your child with adequate sustenance. The system was originally designed for use by adoptive mothers to help induce lactation. Today, it is not only used by this group, but also mothers that need a little assistance in feeding.
The system consists of a container to hold the supplement, special tubes which carry the milk to the nipple and a neck strap for comfort. Tubes come in several sizes, allowing you to choose the one that is best for your child. Flow-rate is easily adjustable. The supplemental nursing system is ideal for long-term supplementation.
The relationship between a mother and her nursing child is a special one. With a variety of ways to continue offering breastmilk to your child, there is no reason it should not continue until you and your child are ready for it to end.

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