Pregnant Belly Cast Is a Remarkable Way to Get Plastered

August 27, 2019

Being responsible for creating a new life and seeing it grow and develop inside of you is one of those indescribable, very special experiences and to be able to capture that unbelievably changed body shape forever with a pregnant belly cast can be an awesome thing to be able to do. People talk about life experiences, but being able to not only capture that moment for ever, but to be able to touch the actual event is something very special indeed.
Thankfully, gone are those Victorian days when an expectant woman almost had to hide away. Nowadays however, impending motherhood is wholeheartedly embraced to the point that some of the Hollywood ‘A’ list stars have been more than happy to be photographed and appear on magazine covers in the late stages of pregnancy.
Of course most Moms to be are not wanting to go to those extremes and are slightly more reserved about their changing shape and growing baby inside their tum’s but, they are more than happy to have a pregnant belly cast done in the privacy of their own home instead.
One of the most fantastic things about doing a belly cast has to be the fact that you very quickly forget how much your tummy alters once your baby is born and looking at photos you almost cannot believe that you could ever have stretched out that far.
So, once you have immortalised your pregnant tummy in plaster you have a wonderful reminder of how you used to look at an important time of you and your baby’s life and of course an even more amazing keepsake once your little one has joined you on the outside.
It can be pretty scary and awe inspiring in equal measures to think that your new precious bundle was responsible for your rounded tummy at one point and I have no doubt that comparing the two (especially during milestones over the years) will bring enormous pleasure and many nostalgic moments.
Once you have done the messy bit of plaster casting then the next step is even more fun and looking online at some of the inspirational ideas that people have had the sky is the limit when it comes to your finished result.
Expecting a baby really is a special time in any woman’s life and making a pregnant belly cast is such a wonderful way to keep the memory always special; especially if you decorate the bare plaster and then use it as a memento in your baby’s nursery perhaps and over time it will become a much treasured keepsake I am sure.

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