Pregnancy Week 10: Officially A Fetus

March 18, 2019

Pregnancy week 10 is important to the development of your baby; from being an embryo, he or she is now a fetus, which literally means ‘little one”. This week is the start of the rspid growth of your baby. By this time, he or she is also less prone to congenital malfunctions or physical growth defects

His or her tail has disappeared and his or her face is more human-like. Your baby now has fingers and toes. His or her skeleton is starting to grow and harden. Vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, brains, and lungs are now fully formed and functioning. The ears are developing and the eyelids are no longer transparent. Tooth buds are also forming.

The amniotic sac is developed and provides the fetus with warmth and protection. Every minute, 25,000 new neurons are created by the baby’s brain. Also, the spinal nerves stretch out from the spinal cord. Your baby will start producing testosterone if he is a boy.

Your baby also starts kicking but his or her movements cannot be felt yet. You can now hear the heartbeat of your baby with the use of a Doppler, which is a hand-held sound wave stethoscope.

By the end of the week, your baby would weigh about 4 grams and measures about 1? inches or 3 centimeters long.

In your 10th week of pregnancy, your uterus has grown to the size of a grapefruit. Because of the increase of blood volume during pregnancy, your veins may become more noticeable, particularly in your tummy, breast, and legs. Your morning sickness may start to fade gradually but with its disappearance, emotional instability begins.

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