Pregnancy Pain Seems Like Nine Years, Not Nine Months

September 1, 2019

Being pregnant doesn’t half change your life. It changes your life not only for those nine months of pregnancy pain but for the rest of your life. All Mums have been pregnant and so all can verify that this is true! It’s a life changing event which often brings with it a different body to the one you had before. And that’s what the girls don’t want. During the pregnancy we dare not do any exercise because we’re told it’s best not to in this delicate time. And to be honest, that just suits the girls fine. While carrying a bump around with you day and night, the very last thing on your mind is exercise anyway. But what is on your mind is that cupboard in the kitchen filled with lots of creamy, chocolatey food just crying out to you to be eaten now and forever more.

“It’s a typical craving that all pregnant women get,” you tell yourself and this maybe true but what else is true is that that type of food simply ain’t good for you and certainly ain’t good for your growing baby. You don’t have to be told that because you already know of course but you just can’t stop yourself, the urge to eat and eat is just too great.

Here’s something else you already know. You and your unborn baby need nutrients. Outside of pregnancy you and your born child need nutrients. You and your child will need nutrients when you’re 70 years old and he or she is 40 years old. Let’s not forget here that exercise is just as important throughout your life. Furthermore if your unborn baby can’t get nutrients from the food you give him or her, he or she will get them from your body’s reserves. This is why you may feel down or over tired very often.

There are things you can do to help your body through your pregnancy. You can listen to your body and react accordingly. Those cravings are telling you something. Who needs to be told that sitting in front of the TV all day is not doing your body any good? Nobody. We all know that. But to do something positive during pregnancy is quite a bit more difficult isn’t it.

But hey, there are things you can do to help with that awful pregnancy pain and depression and all the rest, and to even come out of pregnancy with a fabulous body once again. And it’s all down to doing exercises which you can actually do and which are obviously not going to harm you or baby. And in addition, it’s about what you eat. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be moans and groans you know. Go on, get into shape during your pregnancy and after. Here’s to you feeling great.

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