Pregnancy And Depression

March 17, 2019

Though plenty of us consider pregnancy to be a particularly cheerful time, we frequently forget that there are some times when a pregnancy is unplanned.
There are times when the sense of unhappiness over a pregnancy, or maybe the shock of a pregnancy, becomes mixed with the hormones raging through the body. This will throw the expectant mother into a deep depression.

Lately, a close friend of mine found out that she was pregnant. She is due in some months now, and this just reminds me of how rapidly time really flies. It kind of feels like just yesterday when she called me to let me know that she was expecting a baby.

What she did not expect was that she would be working with pregnancy and depression at the same time. She was not certain that she was prepared to become a mother, though she was in a stable and loving marriage.

These multitudes of emotions, combined with the hormones that rage during pregnancy, resulted in her becoming depressed. She soon became very familiar with depression and pregnancy. She went through a particularly bleak time, and even came very near to taking her own life. I had not an inkling of an idea that pregnancy and depression might be such a deadly mix, and I was deeply shocked when I heard of it.

My friend has constantly been an extremely optimistic person, though she has had bouts of depression during the past. However, she had not once gotten to the point where she wished to kill herself, so I was really concerned.

She eventually talked to her husband about her pregnancy and depression, and they made a decision that something needed to be done right now. What she learned was that pregnancy and depression are common. At times, it could be just the hormones raging through your body, and at other times it could be the result of some existing unhappiness combined with the hormones.

If you are pregnant, and you are feeling extraordinarily unhappy, sad and overwhelmed by your situation, you need to see your doctor right now. There are a few techniques that you can use to feel better, and all you should do is to step out and take the first baby step. If you do not want to do it for yourself, at least try and do it for your baby.

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