Post Partum Belly Fat – 3 Shortcuts on How to Lose Baby Weight

August 27, 2019

Wow – So, you had your precious baby over 6 weeks ago and you’re still stuck with postpartum belly fat? Have no fear – there is a way to get your body back and have fun while you’re doing it! Keep reading to find out 3 shortcuts to success and how to lose baby weight…
The bad news is it does take a trustworthy, reliable diet and exercise program designed especially for new moms with a postpartum belly and you will have to work at it. The good news it that it can still be fun and something you actually look forward to! The key is to take “shortcuts”.
What are shortcuts? Well, we’re not necessarily talking easier – because easier doesn’t usually mean “better” in the world of weight loss.
No, when we say “shortcut” we are talking about taking a path that can get you there faster and with less resistance.
We all know it takes diet and exercise – but what makes some people quit while other people are able to keep going until they love the shape their in? The answer is “shortcuts” – three little things that get them there faster and with less resistance.
So, what are the shortcuts to successful belly fat weight loss? Check these out:
1. This is the #1 shortcut – USE SOME TYPE OF RESISTANCE IN YOUR WORKOUTS! Seriously, plain old cardio won’t cut it. You will lose weight, but your body will stay flabby and soft – yuck. Add light weights and “interval training” for your best results. See the diet and workout mentioned at the bottom of this article for more details on a postpartum belly busting program that is designed specifically for moms! This workout only takes 15 minutes. Shorter workouts are better because you are more likely to do them!
2. Create a good support system. This means telling your family, friends, and coworkers what you are doing and that you need their support and encouragement. Let them know that you are serious and that you would really appreciate it if they would be positive and helpful when you really need it. This makes a huge difference – for example at work – it can be really hard when it is someone’s birthday and everyone is expected to eat cake. If you let your coworkers know this is not good for you – perhaps they will make something low fat and healthy, or at least congratulate you for passing up on the fat and calories!
3. Communicate frequently with others who are going through the same thing as you and be accountable to them. This can truly be a lifeline at times. Either find someone who wants to workout and diet with you, or join a weight loss group, or find a weight loss forum online (one is included with the program at the bottom of the page). THIS IS SOOO IMPORTANT! You will be amazed at how much easier it is to go keep it going (and keep it fun!) when you are doing it with others who know what you are going through! You can discuss your experiences and what is working for you. Remember, it’s great to talk about what is bothering you, to vent, and complain – but the key thing to focus on here is to always be looking for SOLUTIONS to your challenges. Find out what is working for others, what recipes they are using, what new workout moves are most effective, and any other tidbits of information that keep you involved.. Check up on each other, encourage one another, and keep each other ON TRACK.
There you have it – the top 3 shortcuts to successful postpartum and belly fat weight loss. Actually, for any kind of weight loss! The fact is that the people who incorporate these 3 things into their weight loss program are the most successful.

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