Post Partum Belly – 3 Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Your Loose Belly Fast

August 27, 2019

Post Partum Belly can be embarrassing, and a bit difficult to deal with after the birth of your child. What exactly is post partum belly, and what can you do to get rid of it? Keep reading to find out 3 things you can do right now to help you get rid of post baby belly and get your flat belly back!
What is post partum belly? After the birth of a baby, the mother’s stomach muscles and skin have been stretched out for several months – this is what we call postpartum belly or post pregnancy tummy. The muscle and skin doesn’t automatically shrink back to size once the baby is born and there are several factors that will determine when and if it EVER goes back to its original size and shape: time, care, diet, exercise, and of course the commitment of the mom herself to do what it takes to get herself back in shape. Rest assured, and take it from a mom whose been there (twice!) – you CAN get your pre-pregnancy belly back if you really want to!
Here are 3 things you can do right now to help get you on the track to a flatter tummy:
1. If you are drinking any sugary drinks – STOP! Seriously, sodas, juices (yes – even juices have too much sugar to be any good to you at this point), energy drinks, even if they say “sugar free”. Trust me – the “sugar substitute” only makes you crave more sugar and messes with your insulin levels – which slows down your metabolism – which equals more fat around your midsection. Cutting out these types of drinks makes a huge difference in belly fat. Drink water, and lots of it!
2. You need to work out 90 MINUTES TOTAL PER WEEK (yes, I said per week – not per day – I repeat, PER WEEK). It’s quality – not quantity here. What you need is 15 minutes of “short burst cardio” (also known as “interval training”) and 15 minutes of exercising with weights (also known as “resistance training”). You can set this up however you like – for example 15 minutes a day – for 6 days (alternating your cardio and weights), or 15 minutes twice a day (say, cardio in the morning and weights in the evening) – for 3 days. WHATEVER – you just need to get in 90 minutes a week. If you do this right – you will see your body begin to change!
3. Learn what foods burn fat and mix them with foods that give you energy. This is HUGE when trying to get rid of fat around your hips and stomach. For example – Protein should be a part of EVERY meal because your body actually burns its own fat to break down protein. Now this doesn’t mean you should ONLY eat protein – this is bad for you – and this is why you have to include the proper carbs – like fruits and veges. If you do this correctly, you will find yourself eating your way thin!
Include these 3 things when working on your post partum belly and you will be well on your way to a flatter, tighter tummy in no time!

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