Maintain A Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

March 13, 2019

Weekly pregnancy calendar is something that every expectant mother should possess. A weekly pregnancy calendar records the chronological changes that a woman and the fetus inside her undergo during nine months of her pregnancy. Any pregnancy health related concerns right from last date of menstruation, to experiencing an early sign of pregnancy and growth and development of the fetus can be described in the weekly pregnancy calendar. The calculation of a pregnancy calendar is also very simple. You have to start from the last date of menstruation till the predicted date of your child?s birth.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Calendar:
The first thing that you will ask your doctor after being confirmed of your pregnancy is the due date or the predicted date of your child?s birth. And as a duty bound expectant mother you will note down the predicted date on your weekly pregnancy calendar. Generally a very small percentage of babies are born on the stipulated date and most of them are born during the thirty eighth and forty second week from the last menstrual period. This is why it is important for an expectant mother to maintain a weekly pregnancy calendar as it will help her and her spouse analyze the growth of their baby as well as keep a check on her health.

The nine months of pregnancy is generally divided into trimester and so it becomes easy for you to mainly your weekly pregnancy calendar on the basis of trimester. The first trimester lasts from first week of pregnancy to the twelfth week of pregnancy. The second trimester starts from week thirteen and extends up to the twenty sixth week. The third trimester covers the rest of the weeks, i.e. from 27-40 and ends with baby?s delivery. The last few weeks are very crucial and there will be additional concerns during these weeks. It is very important to note every particular concern in the weekly pregnancy calendar, as contractions will occur in a more pronounced way and is often referred to as ?false labor.?

These contractions are usually mistaken as true contractions but are not as frequent as real labor contractions. The irrefutable sign that your labor has begun is when your amniotic sac ruptures and there is a large flow of water. A doctor should be immediately consulted and if possible the expectant mother should be hospitalized. Maintaining a weekly pregnancy calendar will help you keep a track of the baby?s progress and development and also note down the time and date when actual labor pain starts.

Usually your partner shows an increasing amount of interest in maintaining a weekly pregnancy calendar. You will be definitely surprised t his reaction when he sees his baby grow inside your womb. There are different weekly pregnancy calendars that are available on store and also on internet. You can buy or print out these weekly pregnancy calendars and note down early pregnancy symptom to the growth of embryo and changes in body structure and so on.

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