Know All About Gestational Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies

March 13, 2019

For any woman who is pregnant they must be aware that they could suffer from the condition known as gestational diabetes. This is a condition that any woman can suffer from when pregnant whether she suffers from diabetes normally or not.
In many cases women who suffer from this particular condition will find that following the birth of their child that it will disappear. Plus they should also not be overly concerned about getting pregnant in the future as the chances of them developing gestational diabetes again are quite low.
So what causes a woman to suffer from this form of diabetes?
When it comes to this form of diabetes there is a 1 in 25 chance of a pregnant woman developing this particular condition. Normally it usually occurs during the last three months of the woman’s pregnancy although there have been cases where it has developed before this time.
The diabetes is caused through a surge of hormones in the body that then completely alters the body’s chemistry. So even though a woman may not have had problems previously when it comes to converting sugar properly in the body these hormone changes do. The hormones that are believed to be at the root of some women developing this kind of diabetes are those to be found in the placenta.
But it isn’t just hormonal changes that may be causing a woman when pregnant to develop gestational diabetes. Other factors that can lead to this condition developing are the woman’s age and how much she weighs. Women over the age of 30 or who are considered to be overweight are at a greater risk of developing this form of diabetes.
How can one tell if one has Gestational Diabetes?
The most common signs that you as a pregnant woman could be suffering from this form of diabetes is that you feel very hungry and thirsty. Also if you find that your stomach is growling a lot more than would be considered normal when hungry this is a potential sign that you are suffering from this form of diabetes.
Of course as you will be feeling a lot more thirsty than normal so to combat it you will find yourself drinking a lot more. Then as a result of your increased fluid intake you will find that you need to go to the toilet a lot more. Although going to the toilet more is prevalent in all pregnant women it is when you find that you are having to urinate even more than would be considered normal for a pregnant woman.
Other symptom that may identify that you are suffering from gestational diabetes is that your vision becomes blurred. Plus in many cases you gain weight that is considered in excess of what is normal for a woman when pregnant.
It is vital that as soon as you feel you may have developed this form of diabetes that you seek medal assistance. Your doctor or obstetrician will then carry out a series of tests to confirm whether you have gestational diabetes or not. Then they can provide you with a diet that can help you to control the condition effectively.

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