How to Get Pregnant With a Boy – Secrets You Must Know

March 14, 2019

When it comes to how to get pregnant with a boy, everything is about the TIMING! Boys are fast swimmers but a long life goes to girls. There are several ways which are natural and can determine the gender of your baby. The best, easiest and free of cost advice is to try specific sexual positions and having intercourse in these specific positions can help you get pregnant with a boy!
There are Y chromosomes (for boys) and X chromosomes (for girls). The Y is faster and weaker while X is slower but stronger. This has been proved scientifically! As for how to get pregnant with a boy, because “Y” sperms are fast with short lives, you need to get to the right sexual positions to increase their chances of being the first to reach Mom’ s egg. Many parents claim that ‘doggy style’ is the best way to go, since penetration is deeper and the sperms have a shorter distance to reach their goal.
There is also “Anvil Position” where a woman holds her knees and bends, or even put her legs on her man’ s shoulder or neck. If you are making out on the floor, try to put a pillow under her so that the pelvis is raised for deeper penetration. More detailed information later.
Another thing apart from sexual positions is that Y sperm cannot have an environment which is hostile for them. So try to have a diet which has low acid and keep testing your PH. Eat more vegetables, sunflower seeds can also help on how to get pregnant with a boy.
Only a little people know that whether women have an orgasm or not during sex can affect the alkaline level of their body, thus determine the baby’ s gender to some extent. So for a Mom, try your best to have an orgasm will also improve the chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy.

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