How Dads Can Help a Pregnant Partner

March 22, 2019

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy week by week dads-to-be can sometimes feel left out or surplus to requirements. You may wrongly feel like once you have successfully impregnated your partner there isn’t much for you to do for the next nine months. But there are lots of things you can do to help the woman carrying your baby, and pregnancy can be shared in many ways.
Hands on helpGive your partner a massage or foot rub. She’ll most likely be stiff and uncomfortable at various times as she grows with her pregnancy week by week. Help her release any tensions and aches.
Decorate the nurseryRedecorate the nursery. It should be painted well before baby arrives so there are no unpleasant smells for mum and baby.
Childproof your homeMake your home safer for your baby who will be crawling before you know it! Cover electrical outlets with special plastic caps, securely fix heavy furniture to the walls so it can’t be pulled over, put padding on sharp corners of furniture, put up baby gates and so on.
Do more tasksDo some extra tasks around the home, take more turns at doing the washing up, the ironing and the other jobs you usually share.
Be prepared to listenYour usual conversations about sports, politics or what you did at work may be replaced with conversations about pregnancy week by week symptoms or other baby and pregnancy minutiae. You may not always be totally interested, but do try to look like you are.
Check your financesAs a family man it’s more important than ever that you have a will drawn up. Make sure this, and all other life policies and savings accounts, are in order. Maybe start a baby savings account.
Don’t mind the moodsHormones may cause your partner to have mood swings. Try not to overreact and if she’s very upset or cross about something don’t add fuel to the flames by saying it’s her hormones!
Support herMaybe you could give up alcohol alongside your pregnant partner? Or do some gentle exercises with her? Certainly you should be going to as many prenatal appointments as possible.
Sex and sensitivityShe may be feeling more sexy during pregnancy or may not be interested in it at all. Work out together which positions are most comfortable or pleasurable for her. Try to find a position that doesn’t put pressure on her bump.
Be affectionateSmall physical gestures like kisses, hugs or hand holding show you love and care for her and are usually greatly appreciated. Try to find something to compliment her on every day.

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