Cravings Clear Sign of Pregnancy

July 16, 2019

For some women a clear sign of pregnancy is that they have a sudden craving for a certain food.
If you’re lucky it’s something healthy like tomatoes or oranges, and the thinking is that the food craved contains a vitamin or nutrient your body is needing and possibly lacking.
So, in theory, if you are eating a totally balanced diet you won’t have any strong cravings at all.
However, cravings are extremely common and are not just an early sign of pregnancy. They can appear during trimesters of pregnancy and can last the whole nine months.
A surprisingly large percentage of mums-to-be crave one food stuff or another during at least one trimester of pregnancy.
Some unlucky women crave unhealthy foods that can result in them gaining too much weight – for example carbohydrates, sugars or even fried foods.
If you crave a healthy fruit or veg you can give in to your feelings, but if it is an unhealthy food then you’re going to have to use all your willpower to resist.
The more likely explanation is that cravings are due to a woman’s increased levels of hormones and that’s why some women experience similar cravings during the second half of their menstrual cycle.
However some food experts say cravings are simply an excuse for pregnant women to eat freely.
What they mean is that when a woman is NOT pregnant she may have the urge to eat a chocolate bar, but overrides the urge and grabs an apple instead. But when she IS pregnant she feels it is her right to indulge in a chocolate bar whenever she wants!
It’s a variation of the “eating for two” idea. And everyone knows that this is NOT a good idea.
Pica is the strange craving to eat something weird that you would not normally eat.
These cravings are usually associated with materials containing iron and were far more common in the days before iron supplements were prescribed during pregnancy.
Cravings for abnormal items like coins (or other metal objects) coal, clay, chalk, soil, soap, paper or ash, or a strange appetite for raw food ingredients (e.g., flour, raw potato, salt, ice cubes, raw rice, starch) is classed as pica if the feelings last for more than one month.
True cases of pica today are rare and the condition can be treated by supplements to correct any anaemia or vitamin deficiency.
If you think you may have pica your GP can advise on mineral supplements to add to your diet.

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