Big or Small Tummy During Pregnancy – Does It Matter to The Weight of Your Child?

August 20, 2019

I have a friend who is pregnant and worried that her belly is too small, which may affect her coming baby. She is pregnant for 7 months already yet her pregnant belly is not easily recognized by a new person.
In my opinion, what she is worrying is really baseless. The development of the fetus has nothing to do with the size of the tummy at all. Recalling the experience I had when being pregnant, I had very big belly. My 3-month belly is that of someone about 5-7 months. I even had to refrain from eating when nearing due date for fear of not being able have normal delivery. The doctor attending me during pregnancy also told me to limit my intake of food for fear that the big baby will affect normal delivery. For the whole pregnancy period I gained 12 kg (or 26.4 pounds), which is normal, it was just the belly that was too huge as considered by many.
Finally, on the day I delivered the baby, to many people’s surprise, I had wonderful baby weighed 2.7 kg (about 5.94lbs), which is near the minimum weight allowed. I could see the disappointment in my family members who always said my belly was too big, hence big baby, during pregnancy.
The good news is that my baby came out very healthy and active. Now I never regret doing anything for him during my pregnancy and I had never wished my son to be any bigger than what he came out.
The lesson from me is that, first, your belly is not the determinant of having a healthy baby later on. Some could have small tummy and have big baby and vice versa. Second, if you do have bigger belly than others, the only sensible concern is that the stomach flattening after delivery should take more care and time. So please watch out your weight and tummy during pregnancy, not just for the sake of your precious child but for YOU too.

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