Best Treatment For High Blood Pressure Pregnancy

March 17, 2019

His hypertension or high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy can harm the health of mother and fetus. Hypertension usually occurs in first pregnancies, pregnancies under the age of 20 years and over 40 years, in women who suffer from obesity, as well as fetuses.
The most dangerous impacts caused by hypertension is preeclampsia, which could threaten the safety of mother and baby.

In some cases of hypertension obstetricians usually recommend their patients to do the bed rest. As for pregnant women themselves can reduce blood pressure by way of a healthy diet, with foods that can lower their blood pressure, including:
Who would not like chocolate, have since acne end times, chocolate became nearly everyone’s favorite foods around the world, especially women. In addition to a delicious taste, if consumed in small portions, chocolate could be useful as magnesium, which can decrease blood flow and blood pressure.
If you are afraid of brown fat makes you fat, you can look for alternatives other foods that also contain magnesium include: Spinach, almonds, avocados, fish, wheat, black sticky rice, artichokes (a type of vegetable), and the seeds of a pumpkin.

Bananas are a source of potassium, a substance that can help lower blood pressure and reduce clotting in the body fluids. in addition to potassium banana can also be found in raisins, spinach, yogurt, beets, Brussels sprouts (a type of cabbage), avocados, and oranges.
The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish may help blood flow and protect from the effects of high blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Currently avoid consuming fish types of fish that contain high levels of mercury such as tuna, swordfish (swordfish), mackerel, halibut, and white snapper. Instead choose fish that contain high levels of low mercury fish such as anchovies, char fish, flounder, fish Haring, gander fish, salmon, and sturgeon fishing.
Citrus fruit
Vitamin C is very useful to relieve the narrowed arteries, as well as help lower blood pressure. Sources of vitamin C found in citrus fruits, grapes, kiwi, and strawberries. Vitamin C is also commonly found in vegetables such as cauliflower, peppers, and potatoes.
Foods low in sodium
Sodium makes the body retain fluid that comes in, and make your heart has to work extra strong to pump more fluid, resulting in hypertension. Therefore it is advisable to lower your sodium levels to be in the normal range, namely 2300 mg. The trick is to first check the label kandugan sodium listed on food packaging that you will consume, and choose the spices or herbs as a flavor your dishes at home.
This fruit contains antioxidants. In addition to ward off hunger before a meal, apples are also useful for preventing asthma in babies. According to a study proved that pregnant women, who consume more apples than 4 apples per week, will give birth to a baby that is free from asthma.

CDR is not excessive
CDR is a supplement of vitamins and minerals that are good for pregnant women consumed during kehalian. CDR has a content which is good for pregnant women if taken in proper doses.

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