Becoming a Mother and How to Get Pregnant?

August 17, 2019

When one of my ex came around and we were discussing about general life issues, one of the things she told me was that she really wants to get pregnant, and has been trying hard at it. But I asked her whether she has decided on becoming a mother, and she told me yes. Now, I took her on a series of lectures that got her amazed. If you say you want to get pregnant, the first requirement is that you should know how to get pregnant. The first thing involved is that you have to prepare yourself to get pregnant. This is the number one thing, and it involves a lot of processes. You have to first have a gynecological examination. This will involve tests that will insure no tissue barrier is blocking the eggs transportations, and the hormone levels. You also need to undertake tests that will check and treat any form of sexually transmitted infections that will hamper pregnancy.
The next stage is to start the intake of pregnancy enhancing foods and stop the intake of all foods that hamper pregnancy. You have to take those foods that are known to enhance fertility. Eat much of organic foods, and avoid those fats like trans fat that are inherent in baked and sweetened foods. Avoid prepared raw fish, unpasteurized cheeses, sprouts and prepackaged foods. Foods rich in organic plants and the right kinds of protein will enhance your getting pregnant. The best proteins are found in eggs, chicken, and seafood that have good quantity of iron, selenium, and fat acids. Try avoiding any meals that are rich in fats, sugar, caffeine and alcohol proper.
When you have cleared the road for the sperm and the ovary to work, you then try to get the input right. Here, it involves making sure you get the menstrual circle calculation right. This will make you know the time to have sex and conceive since the fertility period of women are just few days within this circle. You can use a calendar to know and calculate this, and know the exact days. Many people can calculate this, on their own, while some might need the help of over the counter ovulation calculation and test kits. But the main thing to know is that whenever your vaginal discharge is very white as that of raw egg, then you are likely to conceive at this period. So what you should do is that when you notice this, you have sex regularly for at least 4 days within this period. If it becomes thinner and drier, then conception is far. These are the things that makes up how to get pregnant , and when you get them right, you are in your way to becoming a mother.

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