5 Things to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

March 14, 2019

So you’re trying to make a baby and things just are not going as planned. Sometimes it’s the things you take for granted that have the greatest influence on outcomes. Sometimes the things you don’t do matter as much as those you do. And this can certainly be said for getting pregnant. Below are five things to avoid when trying to get pregnant.
As soon as you and your partner decide it’s time to have a baby you need to stop smoking. Yes, you both need to stop smoking. First and second-hand smoke has been proven to cause cell damage of various kinds. And when the damage is done to the eggs and/or sperm, the outcome is low birth weight, birth defects and miscarriage. These are avoidable outcomes – all you have to do is not smoke and not be around second-hand smoke. An easy way to improve your chances of getting pregnant.
There are two main reasons for giving up alcohol when you’re trying to get pregnant – while you’re pregnant – and after.
1. Alcohol represents empty dietary calories. And normally, our bodies will compensate for these calories by making you feel full on fewer real calories. If it’s one thing a pregnant woman needs to be doing it’s eating for optimal health. Drinking alcohol undermines optimal eating.
2. Alcohol impairs judgement. It just does. When you’re pregnant and drink you put both you and your baby at risk from bad decisions you may make while under the influence. Think of driving while buzzed, falling down stairs, spending money inappropriately. You get the picture.
Avoiding alcohol makes sense for you and your baby.
Drugs include both legal and illegal drugs. It goes without saying that you and your partner should stop using illegal drugs well before trying to conceive. Illegal drugs can cause severe damage in the body. And it can do so at the cellular level. This means the sperm and eggs can be damaged by the use of illegal drugs – leading to birth defects and miscarriage.
But prescription drugs and over the counter drugs can be just as dangerous to your unborn baby. Always make an appointment with your doctor before getting pregnant. Have a discussion about the drugs you take – occasionally and on a regular basis. Find out which you should not take while pregnant, which need to be switched to something safer, etc.
Monitoring drug intake is a sure way to help ensure a healthy, happy baby. Don’t settle for anything less.
We hardly ever think about our morning Joe – but it can have adverse effects when trying to get pregnant – and while carrying a baby to term. It was the one thing that made a difference to getting pregnant for me. The March of Dimes and FDA have set a recommendation of no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day for pregnant women. That’s the equivalence of one small Starbuck.
Caffeine can cross the placental barrier and cause fetal distress. In some cases this can mean miscarriage or early delivery. It’s hard to live without your coffee – I know. But it’s worse to live without your baby.
Yes – you’re read it right -avoid sex. But I thought it was sex that got you pregnant to begin with. So how do I get pregnant without sex?
Well I should have said avoid sex too often – not just avoid sex. Sometimes when a couple has been trying for several months to get pregnant without any luck they think maybe they should have sex every day – several times a day – as often as possible. But this plan of attack has the opposite consequence. Sperm production happens at a routine rate. When you have sex too often the sperm count will be low and possibly immotile.
So, if you want to get pregnant, have sex no more frequently than once every two days. Two days ensures an adequate sperm count and good motility – and improves your chances of getting pregnant!
In Conclusion
I know the frustration of trying to get pregnant with no results. It hurts. It hurts a lot. But you’re not doomed to a barren life. Be proactive. Eat for optimal health, exercise moderately, avoid these five things that are bad for you, see your doctor – do whatever it takes.
If you’re ready to consider some alternative practices that have worked for women for centuries, check out my website below. You’ll be glad you did.

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